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Giving Back

We believe that everyone has a right to life’s most basic need, water. As a result, we've partnered with Charity: Water to help fund sustainable clean water projects; projects that without donations, millions more every year would suffer. One in ten people don't have access to clean water close to home. Constant threats from waterborne diseases like cholera, claims over 110,000 lives every year.  To date, Charity: Water has helped to serve over 15 Million people with clean water in over 29 countries. Only by working together, we'll be able to overcome this issue.

Charity Water pumps giving clean water

To be able to provide the less fortunate with clean drinking water, renewable clean water projects are helping build the infrastructure to not only give clean water today, but for decades to come. AquaHike donates £1 from every order to fund renewable clean water projects. We chose Charity: Water because every £1 helps to fund the infrastructure, such as water sanitation facilities, water pumps and wells so that whole families can one again enjoy clean drinking water. And when we say £1 is donated, that really means every penny from the £1 is spent on funding clean water projects; not governance, not paying CEO's, nor staff fees.

Clean Water Projects

We invite you to learn about some of the children affected by these clean water programs, and helping kids to finally dream big!