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Adventurous individuals with a love for nature.

Our ambassadors demonstrate our brands core values, and know what it means to live and love the outdoors. They push boundaries and test their limitations in the toughest situations outdoors. Sharing outdoor knowledge and experience with AquaHike helps us grow, to better our products and our brand. They are extremely respectful, and are the driving force that inspires us to keep developing and improving the world.

At AquaHike, we strong believe that every adventurer has the right to easily access clean water on the trail. That's why we have created an ambassador program that is geared to spreading the vision of our company, and empowering adventurers.

As part of our program, successful applicants will get discounted and free products to create content through Instagram or Youtube. We provide all ambassadors with their own discount code (eg ROB10) and we will then pay all ambassadors 10% commission on the sales generated using their code. 

Use the contact form below to apply. Please include information about your chosen social media channel; including following, IG/YT handle and content focus. 

Don't worry about the size of your following - we are looking for likeminded individuals to spread the vision of the brand far and wide, through a diverse network of ambassadors just like you!