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AquaHike Flow™ Portable Water Filter Bottle

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Fuel Your Adventures with the AquaHike Flow – Your Essential Tool for Clean, Safe Drinking Water Anywhere! Lightweight and collapsible, this filter bottle guarantees 99.9999% bacteria and parasite removal, providing peace of mind in any situation. Perfect for adventurers, hikers, and campers. Stay hydrated and explore with confidence – order your AquaHike Flow now!

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AquaHike Flow™  Portable Water Filter Bottle
AquaHike Flow™ Portable Water Filter Bottle

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Keanu I

Took along to DRC in suitcase. Ended up needing it at the airport since no public safe water signs were posted. Filtered and put into our bottles. Tasted fine and no illness. Two thumbs up, best to be safe and glad we were prepared. Unsure how it will holdup, durability we hope lasts.

Walter P

The large opening makes filling a breeze and MUCH better than filling a sawyer squeeze pouch or a smart water bottle. I only needed a scoop on the very shallowest of water sources. I tested this over a couple week section hike on the AT. I had a Sawyer squeeze set up for gravity feed with a CNOC bladder (My old go-to) and this Flow filter that I was deciding on. Since I was hiking the Appalachian Trail, I knew I would be at Mountain Crossing in a few days, so I left the Sawyer at home and just brought the Flow. I figured I could replace it at a local if it sucked. It does not suck. I could gather from 99% of water sources without scooping, and filter directly into my smart water bottles from the Flow. The flow rate is incredible. I would be done filtering 2 liters and cameling up on the 3rd before folks with in-line filters were done filtering their first liter.
The flow rate is high enough to drink directly from the Flow if that's your style. I have tried this previously with the Sawyer filters and found it to be a less than satisfactory process.

Jacinda O

A perfect choice for any backcountry adventure. Super user friendly and cleans easily as well. My old filter was nearly $120 and top of the line (MSR gravity filter), but this one works just as well! The weight savings for this product are awesome. The filtered water tastes amazing and the filter rate is fast and smooth. This product is the best filter on the market right now. No disappointment here!

Ronald R

Worked perfectly on my 3 day hike. Just be careful with the bottle. It folds up well and filters perfectly but make sure to grip it from the top when opening it up.

Poppy F

I just took my Flow on the West Highland Way in Scotland. Two days of hiking, 25 miles over some pretty crazy terrain. Water sources were plentiful, and I saw many other hikers filling water bottles and using various filters. The best part of the Flow? I would stop at a creek just long enough to refill the squeeze bottle, then continue on my way. Most other hikers I saw were putting in a lot of time, effort, or both using other filters. The Flow was just so quick and easy, I can't imagine it being any better!
Also, I would like to confirm that it does exactly what it is supposed to do. I drank water from streams for two days using my Flow and felt great. I met a local on the trail who had been drinking straight from the stream....and was sick as a dog. So glad I had my Flow!

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