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AquaHike Flow™ | 0.6L

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  • Access safe drinking water outdoors
  • Prevents sickness from life-threatening bacteria and parasites in water
  • Reduces your pack weight from carried water
  • Ultimate survival tool, long lifespan, easy to use and maintain

AquaHike Flow™ | 0.6L


Ultralight, flexible and ridiculously easy to use, the Flow™ bottle filter fits into any pocket (or bag), weighs only 71g, requires no setup, and makes crystal clear drinking water in seconds (1.1L/min). Instant filtration for on the go for hikers, backpackers, campers, global travellers, or emergency preppers seeking clear filtered water for drinking, cooking or boiling. Simply fill from a natural water source, attach the cap and filter away.


Each filter has a 5 year lifespan.

No, our filters can’t remove dissolved solids such as salt, fluoride or heavy metals smaller than 0.1 microns from water.

Our Straw™ water filters are all in one filtration systems that have no moving parts, and nothing to replace. Our Flow™ filters do require replacing once the flow rate has dramatically reduced. Every 2000L for the Flow™.

Below is the filtration life for each of our water filters:
: Filters up to 5000L (1100Gal)
Flow™: Filters up to 2000L (530Gal)

Straw™: Using the backwash syringe included, fill it with clean water and squeeze water through the mouthpiece of the filter. Doing this multiple times will restore the flow rate.

Flow™: Unscrew the filter from the bottle and shake it in clean water to restore the flow rate.

Our Straw™ filters attach onto most standard 28mm cap bottles. These are the typical bottles found on most fizzy drink bottles such as Coke, Pepsi and most store bought water bottles.

Simply remove the filter from the box, insert into a clean natural source like a flowing river, and suck directly from the river water. You can also fill up a regular plastic bottle (or the included water bottle) with water, screw the AquaHike Straw onto the top of the bottle, and drink directly from the bottle to clean water as you drink.

Our water filters don't remove viruses, chemicals, or dissolved solids smaller than 0.1 microns. If ever in doubt about the quality of the water, we'd advise seeking clearer water sources to filter, and boil water for at least 60 seconds to kill off any remaining bacteria or viruses.

Note: If there are toxic chemicals in the water sources you're consuming, even filtering and boiling the water may not remove them all. If at risk, please seek clearer water sources, with visually less contaminants.

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